Exceeded your minutes on Verizon Wireless?

From the “things I wish I’d known a month ago” files. I found out today that Verizon Wireless will apparently allow you to backdate calling plan changes to the beginning of your current billing period. If I’d known that as I’d watched last months excess minutes mounting up I would have done it in a shot. The overage charges would have easily paid for 12 months of the difference to a bigger plan!

I didn’t actually get my calling plan change backdated but I did ask the service rep and she indicated I could even if I was over my minutes allowance – if you can confirm that this does work (or doesn’t) leave a comment.

It is a small change for the better – I remember last time I changed plans spending 30 minutes on the phone debating with the service rep how I’d managed to switched to a larger plan, used less minutes over the month than my previous plan allowed and still got hit with overage charges because of the way the minutes were pro-rated.

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