Is there a white label prediction market service?

What I’d like (am I the only one?) is a white labelled (or co-branded) service to run a prediction market for me. I’d like to be able to create both public and private invitation only markets. The service would be set up to assure participants in invitation only markets of their anonymity. I’m thinking about corporations who want to run prediction markets and employees who might be reluctant to express negative views on a corporate web-server.

The creator of a private invitation only market would be able to set the terms of the contract, manage the list of people allowed to participate and determine the result of the contract (or provide appropriate “market-data”). Beyond that they would not have any access to how the participants were trading on a day to day basis. Incentive could be by making the ranking of participants visible (ego) – although this might also allow people to imply something about how they traded. Alternatively, the service could distribute a pot supplied by the creator of the market based on rankings without making those rankings visible (probably a ton of regulatory issues with doing that though).

It seems like a logical extension for people like Zoomerang. There are also a few open source packages out there that something like this could be based on.

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