Pursuit Force demo on PSP – looks like fun

Got a demo of Pursuit Force for PSP in the mail. Signing up for all those Sony sites might pay off after all. The demo has three levels on it and judging from them the game will be plenty of fun with a nice mix of driving, shooting and platforming style acrobatics. That’s two of my favourite genres covered. Added it to my Gamefly queue.

I was always a little disappointed at the time it took to turn around games on Gamefly (which, for me, was simply the time in the mail). However now that there is a Fast Return scanner somewhere between my local post office and California which my returns go through the turnaround is now about 3-4 days from mailing in a game to getting it’s replacement instead of 6-7.

That’s another March release to squeeze in along with Daxter and Me and My Katamari on the PSP and the one I’m looking forward to most (as are all the game players in this household) – Kingdom Hearts II on the PS2.

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