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My first ruby on rails application…

Saturday, May 13th, 2006
…was a lot of fun to write. The problem was building a very simple system to automate the checkout process for a silent auction. Literally just recording the winning bidders and amounts for each item and then producing itemised bills for them. I sat down in front of Access (which I’ve never used seriously) and whilst laying out the tables was easy and reports would probably have been pretty easy too it felt that it would take a while to put some polish on it.
So, instead I used this as an excuse to try out ruby (and ruby on rails) – which I’ve also never used. I tend to start programming new languages by pattern matching and trial and error so the scaffold I generated from a couple of tables was a good start and it didn’t take long to customize a few new screens to do what I wanted. The added bonus that it’s all free software and that it’s web based so we could have ten people on check out as easily as one is just gravy.